Alternative Casino Deposit Method

 Alternative Casino Deposit Method

FirePay, which is now one of the internet’s leading e-cash debit cards, and a common deposit method used at over three-hundred online casinos, flotated on the London Stock Exchange in days of late. The company’s stock value was not as high as the more recent flotation of Party Gaming (which was actually the largest flotation on the LSE in over five years), but it was solid to say the least – still showing signs of growth upon a strong foundation.

FirePay works the same way as online debit cards, such as NETeller, giving account holders immediate access to funds in their FirePay account. FirePay is not as widely used as NETeller, but is developing an even sounder reputation, and growing quickly in popularity and availability. As evidenced by FirePay’s stock value rise over $54.5 million, the company is now attracting more than just online casino depositors.

With the companies recent success, players may be in store for more incentives if they use the FireOne’s e-cash wallet. Online casinos already award players with a 10-15% bonus on all deposits using FirePay, and may be offering more in the near future. Although NETeller is the leading e-cash wallet on the market right now, FirePay offers essentially the same services at no cost. From an investors point of view, since both companies are so similar, and are obviously the biggest in their field, a merger would be a very tempting consideration.

Illinois Lottery Announces Second Millionaire Raffle This Year

The Illinois Lottery has announced another “Millionaire Raffle” to take place the summer of 2007. Following the inaugural “St. Patrick’s Day Millionaire Raffle”, in which the response from players was overwhelmingly positive, the Illinois Lottery reasoned it was time to make some more millionaires and give those players who did not get a chance to compete in the first raffle to do so this time around.

The St. Patties raffle sold out within twenty-five days of the tickets going out to lottery retailers on February 5, 2007. With a cap set on 500,000 tickets, the odds of winning were much greater than the traditional lottery jackpot. The only catch was that tickets cost plenty more than single $1 tickets. Still, at $20 a pop, the millionaire tickets were within the bankroll’s of most players. Considering that many lottery players often buy twenty or more tickets at a single time, the Millionaire Raffle seemed like a brilliant idea. So far, it has proven to be so.

The second Millionaire Raffle will create four more millionaires, five $100,000 jackpot winners, and several other prizes, resulting in a total of 509 winners. The odds of winning $1 million are 1 in 125,000, while one out of 982 tickets will win a cash award. Tickets go on sale June 18, and will again be capped at 500,000, and for $20 apiece.

Like the first one, Illinois Lottery representatives are expecting the tickets to sell out quick. The final drawing will take place on July 31, at which time all 509 winners will be randomly selected by a Random Number Generator, which is the same technology used to determine winners at online casinos.