Casino Horse Racing Simulator

Casino Horse Racing Simulator

A life like racing simulator is now available the Advantage Sports Betting which they call Virtual Horse Racing. The targeted market is sports bettors who desire the thrill of virtual horse racing on their PCs and laptops, and it is said to be very real.

The advanced software engine on which the virtual horse races are based allows bettors the opportunity to actually handicap the races.

Through the use of its Virtual Horse Racing simulator, Advantage Sports Betting Rather actually factors in a group of characteristics linked to each of the horses, rather than relying on a random number generator. There is also a virtual racing form that is made available that reflects that of the real world and bettors are able to utilize these forms in order to research each horse’s performance characteristics making it possible for bettors to handicap the horses much as they might for a real horse race.

Some of the features that are being offered:

  • Betting Depth: The depth of betting is such that bettors are allowed to actually handicap their races.
  • Real Time Rendering: Only after the race has been run are the results generated.
  • Photorealistic Quality: The graphics exceed those of the best video games.

You may go to the  of Advantage Sports Betting  now if you want to play the Virtual Horse Racing simulator. Races begin every 10 minutes. According to Sebastien Veilleux the company’s spokesperson, this availability to the Virtual Horse Racing simulator product adds to the site an exciting opportunity for horse racing bettors. It approaches experiencing the actual races since it is using more than just a random number generator.

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