Gambling Stocks Underperform

Gambling Stocks Underperform

For all of those consumers who put their money into the slot machines and gaming industries as they knew that this was a safe bet well, it would appear that the safe bet tanked this past month. With the economy already doing poorly, it is no wonder that the slot machine industry would be feeling it, but even the stock market was not prepared for how badly it did. All ten of the publicly traded slot machine manufacturers that are out there saw their stock prices go down on average for the month of August when compared with the previous month.

Eight of these slot machine companies saw double digit declines, something that consumers thought we had seen the last of in this economy. As a whole, the stock market did not do well this month, but for a long time now experts have talked about how safe these slot machine companies are as they have something that everyone will always want which is their games. However, the casinos are not switching out slots the way that they used to, which leaves the manufacturers in a bind.

The companies are hoping that their numbers will continue to get better and that more casinos start offering new and improved slot machines. Until that time however, they are stuck with the knowledge that they are not moving any machines until the economy turns back around, and by the looks of things that could be a very long time.

 Big Six Tips

Gamblers have probably seen the Big Six wheel in a casino at one time or another. The wheel itself is hard to miss, and can be very tempting to a passerby who knows nothing about it except that it has some very large winning amounts posted on the sections of the wheel. The game is usually never crowded, although you are likely to find a couple of players at once try their luck a few times.

Big Six actually has one of the highest House Edges at the casino – ranging from 11% to 24%. It is not advised be a gamblers game of choice – Nor is that usually ever the case.

However, if you must insist on playing it, try to play it in Atlantic City or at places that offer Atlantic City Odds. The payouts are slightly higher, helping to bring the House Edge down for Logo and Joker bets.

If you would like to give this game a go, don’t just try to get lucky. Observe from afar and notice if the dealer is spinning the wheel in a repetitive manner. This happens at busy tables, and can actually be a great tool at predicting where the wheel might stop.

If you plan to make multiple bets stick to those that do not exceed 15%. See a Big Six odds chart for details.