The Christmas Holidays Being Enhanced by Offering of New Slot Games

The Christmas Holidays Being Enhanced by Offering of New Slot Games

Just in time for this seasons holidays, this week those who gamble at online casinos received a wider selection of games. This occurred when the English Harbour group of zodiac casino made available two new games. The games were developed through Vegas Technologies.

These are slots that will probably attract both those online players who enjoy video slots as well as those who are great fans of poker, because they have added a Five Card Mulligan game and a basketball themed video slot. Included is the game of Money Shot, which is a 20 Pay-line,5-Reel Slot game based to the game of basketball. Contained as well are bonus games along with the opportunity for free spins and the opportunity to improve your chances of winning by playing as many as 20 pay-lines simultaneously.

There is a cash prize that accumulates during all of the three stages of bonus rounds and which can be won during the bonus round. When two bonus symbols appear on a selected pay-line, the player may then begin the bonus round, which also guarantees a win.

Also being offered is that game that is so popular and that is a variation on poker known as Five Card Mulligan. This came allows for three different possible payouts: payouts involving Ante, Bonus and Raise bet. The game is played against the dealer using a 52-card deck from which the Jokers have been removed. The winning hand is the highest versus that of the dealer. If there is a tie, the ante/raise bet is returned to the player. There is also a bonus being fired by English Harbour Casino which includes a matchplay signup bonuses with a maximum amount of $275, available only to new players.

UK Casinos Awaiting Parliamentary Consensus Says Brown

Following UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown’s call for a review of the casino and gambling industry in England, all that talk about super-casinos may end up being just talk after all. Going against Tony Blair’s beliefs, Brown has got it that regeneration is a choice alternative to tax generating casinos in the UK.

Following a question from Andy Reed MP (Labour), who incidentally stirred the pot up by openly suggesting that super casinos would increase gambling addiction, Brown confirmed that he is not looking to turn the UK gambling market into a Las Vegas of sorts.

After the passing of the UK Gambling Act, one super casino and several smaller casinos were given legislative life, which in itself, drummed up enough controversy to get both sides arguing amongst themselves. The pro-gamblers would not settle for just one super casino, while the anti’s did not want one to begin with. It seemed that Manchester officials were the only one’s not complaining, being they were named the benefactor of the super casino.

Other cities in the running felt shunned, while the British Casino Association (BCA) took up a cause to protect existing UK casinos who would certainly lose out on business from an onslaught of seventeen regional casinos – as the Gambling Act called for. And while the BCA lost a high court ruling on the matter, Prime Minister Brown is saying that Parliament is divided on the matter. The only thing that is agreeable right now is that a consensus is still needed. The BCA is pushing for a swift resolve on the matter as they continue voicing their concerns.