How embarrassing did it become for Elizabeth?

In 2005 New York Times theatre critic Charles Isherwood wrote a piece explaining that he felt somewhat guilty for panning Elizabeth as “the star of a movie famed for its breathtaking awfulness,” after she called him to complain and gently ask that he no longer associate her with it. Isherwood added that he was pleasantly surprised with Elizabeth's performance in an off-Broadway play “Hurlyburly,” which he reviewed.

“That Ms. Berkley holds her own among this skilled company of scene-stealers is a testament to how much her talent has grown since her appearance in this monumentally bad movie.”

Obviously, Elizabeth had no clue what she was getting into when she made the film. She was bubbly and enthusiastic when interviewed for “Showgirls” before the film was released. She probably later regretted telling interviewer Dennis Hensley that “It will be fun for the people who grew up watching 'Saved by the Bell' who are now seventeen to be able to watch this movie.”
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    ELIZABETH BERKLEY as Jessie Spano in "Saved by the Bell"
She'll be forever branded as the star of the 1995 wretched movie “Showgirls,” but Elizabeth launched her career as the brainy and beautiful Jessie on the teen sitcom.

Elizabeth was still a blossoming young lady (age 17-21) when she appeared in “Saved by the Bell” (1989-93), and she was easily the belle of the “Bell” classroom. Jessie was the class president and smartest kid in the classroom.
She dated A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez), whom she sometimes irritated with her environmental and liberal causes. Jessie struggled with the same issues other teen dealt with: school, boys, friendship, drug use.

Standing at a towering five-foot-10 and with one green eye and one half green, half brown eye, Elizabeth has always stood out among women as a unique and stunning looker.
Commenting on her uncommon beauty,, said that Elizabeth's looks “can satisfy almost every man... wholesome yet unafraid to boast about how much she enjoyed showing off her body, this statuesque blonde drips of sexual aggression in her many torrid pictorials.”

Three years after “Saved by the Bell,” Elizabeth, not realizing the firestorm that would follow, earned the role of stripper/showgirl Nomi Malone in the NC-17 rated “Showgirls.” Elizabeth appeared nude or partially nude in most scenes, and the movie was panned for gratitious sex and violence. “Showgirls” was nominated for 13 Golden Raspberry Awards, and Elizabeth won a Razzie for Worst Actress.

“Ever since those reviews for 'Showgirls,' it's like I was that woman in 'The Scarlet Letter,'” she said. “Except that instead of having to wear the letter 'A' for adultress, I was condemned to wear an 'S' for showgirl.”
.No. 16
She also told Hensley, "One of the things I like is that the women in the film are definitely in their power. They’re in control of their destiny and making their own choices. I think that that’s really important to show, especially, within Nomi’s character, this women who’s on this discovery of her self-worth."

Over the years “Showgirls” has attained cult status; Entertainment Weekly listed the film as No. 36 on its list of Top 50 Cult Movies.

Born in the affluent Detroit suburb of Farmington Hills, Elizabeth learned dance at a young age.

“I am grateful that both of my parents always took my dreams seriously and I got so much confidence from pursuing the things I loved,” she said in a 2011 interview with “As I was growing up, that was mostly dance and theatre.”

She became an Elite model while a young teen-ager, then moved to Hollywood to pursue acting. She appeared in the TV series “Gimme a Break!” “Silver Spoons,” and “Day by Day.”

Elizabeth auditioned for the role of Kelly Kapowski, which was won by Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, but the producers were so impressed that they created the Jessie role for her.
“Saved by the Bell,” which also launched the careers of future stars Mario Lopez and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, spun off two TV films, “Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style,” and “Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas.” Elizabeth starred in both films.

After “Showgirls,” Elizabeth strived to earn her reputation as a serious actress and to distance herself from the shipwreck of the horrid movie. She appeared in “The First Wives Club” with Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, and Bette Midler.

Elizabeth earned a small role in the 2001 Woody Allen film “The Curse of the Jade Scorpion,” earning praise from the legendary filmmaker.

"I thought she could be funny, that she had the ability,” he said on the site “This is a girl who's got a very sort of perky quality, and she's sexy and she's got a lot of energy, and if she's used correctly, she can be a very funny actress. All she needs is a couple of chances to show that."

More recently, Elizabeth appeared as a recurring character in “CSI: Miami,” playing the ex-wife of David Caruso's character.

In 2011 Elizabeth attained fame as a best-selling author, penning “Ask Elizabeth,” a self-help book written for girls and young women.

“When 'Saved by the Bell' went into syndication, a whole new generation of teen girls started to approach me for pictures and autographs,” Elizabeth said in a 2011 interview with “My husband noticed a natural interaction and encouraged me to first srart with a column called 'Ask Elizabeth.' That led to the creation of the workshops, which led to the website and the book.”

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