Internet Casino Software Developer Boss Media Appoints CEO

Internet Casino Software Developer Boss Media Appoints CEO

One of the online casino gambling industry’s leading software developers, Boss Media , has announced its new successor to the throne of Chief Executive Officer. Two months after the unexpected resignation of former Boss Media CEO, Johan Berg – during which time the Head of Business Development, Markus Holm, assumed the duties – Michael Hallen has been named the new top executive for the turnkey software provider.

As the former President and CEO of Industrial and Financial Systems, Hallen has significant experience in the software applications and international business relations. Chairman Meg Tiveus made the recent announcement regarding the appointment, and stated the entire Board of Directors is pleased to welcome Michael aboard, expressing confidence that Hallen will help to further Boss Media’s strategic plans to digitally distribute its online casino and gaming applications to a broader international clientele.

Hallen will assume his post on July 1, 2007. As President of Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS), Hallen was responsible for reversing losses into substantial profit margins. Prior to IFS, Hallen has served on the Boards of several online software developers and in executive positions overseeing marketing and product development.

As for Boss Media, they have not been adversely affected by the resignation of Berg two months ago. The company continues developing complete software gaming solutions for online casinos, poker rooms and gaming terminals, which include complete payment solutions, technical support, customer service, software maintenance and surveillance.

Calculating Different Odds in the Casino

Many online gamblers are often confused about how odds are calculated. And of those who are not confused, many of them do not realize there are different kinds of odds, all of which have an affect on the players wagers.

For instance, if you were to divide the number of ways to win a game by the number of ways to lose the same game, you will calculate the true odds of that game. However, the casino hardly never pays out true odds – except for certain wins.

Instead, the online casino pays what is called House Odds, which are slightly lower than the true odds. The difference between the two is the notorious House Edge, or Casinos Advantage, which most gamblers have heard of.

When reading House Odds, remember that the lower the chances of winning are, the higher the payoff will be. Just don’t be fooled by how some casinos present their odds. Sometimes you will see odds stated as 4 for 1, while other times you might see 4 to 1. Always go for the odds that say “to”, as this means you will be paid out the winning units plus the original bet, rather than losing the original bet, as the odds that say “for” will do.